woensdag 3 oktober 2007


Brief aan de Portugees.

Long time.
I wanted to write you much earlier.
How are you?
As you know I'm in this project called Flick Radio.
I wrote a script about Flickr and you're in it!
Your charactername is "The Portuegese."
Now we are producing a slideshow and we would like to use some of your pictures. (Only the best!)
Would you let us to?
Trust me, it is going to be wonderful.
Or at least... special.
A real tribute to Flickr and photography.
Hope to hear from you.

Dear Bert,
Ofcourse you can use my pictures.
It's a honour!
(You can use my name.
I don't mind.)
Let me see the result, OK?
Best wishes to your project and, of course to you too!

Nog geen reaktie van Kendra gehad op het radioprogramma...

To be continued...

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