zaterdag 9 februari 2008


Working on a new project: Media Me.

Media Me started as a group on Flickr in june 2006, while I was working on Flick Radio.

Group description: Welcome at Media Me. Here you can find and add pictures about mediaconsumption. How and where do you use media? Computers, tv, mobilephones, radio, cams etc. How does your mediabehaviour look like? Using media, consuming media, producing media, mediaspaces, mediatraces and all related actions. Show us your liberated e-heaven, or your digital hell. Media Me is 100% Creative Commons.

The amount of pictures in the pool is still growing and shown in a slide show in public space at the Skor house/ Amsterdam from 1 jan/21 feb 08.

Next step: Media Me will be presentated on 21 februari 2008 during a new Hotspot event. An initiative of the Public Broadcast Company NPO the Netherlands. Location: Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum.

The Media Me group on Flickr is the beating heart of this project. In what it will result no one knows: a festival, a serie of podcasts, a radiodrama, or just another smashing internetmovie: Media Me.

Media Me wants to reflect, entertain and inform. Think with us.

Flick Radio and Media Me are RVU productions.

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