zondag 13 juli 2008

Post uit Berlijn

IFC conference Varna. foto: Willem Davids.

Hello Bert,

My name is Ingo Kottkamp. I am a radio author and -producer from Berlin.
When you took part in the Skype Bonanza with Flick Radio at the IFC in Varna lately, I was one of the 80 people listening to your explanations.
Now I would like to ask you for an interview.

I'm preparing a one-hour-profile on the blogosphere and its inhabitants for the German station www.swr2.de. I'm not so much interested in typical blog questions like 'does it interfere with journalism' or 'is it suitable for commercial succes'. My focus is more on bloggers themselves.
How does sharing things online regularly affect their lives?
And what kind of online personalities inhabitate the blogosphere - can they be typified in some way?

This last question will be the issue of my own blog that will be launched next month. It shall serve to develop 'web characters' which will appear in the fictional part of the SWR-2-feature.

Out of budget reasons, it won't be easy for me to come to Amsterdam. So I thought about sending you a question sheet - and have you record the answers.

The feature (no working title yet) will be aired in december this year.
So, that's the plan - what do you think?
Kind regards, Ingo Kottkamp.

Hello Ingo,
That's a good idea. I will coorporate.
Looking forward to your questionsheet.
PS: Do you mind if I put our correspondance on the Flick Radio worklog and my answers to your questions on the Mediame worklog?

Dear Bert,
Since I will use your voice, you may use my texts.

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Marco Raaphorst zei

mooi verhaal Bert!

vanaf dezelfde computer.

b.kommerij zei

Dank je Marco!

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