zondag 30 november 2008


picture from Flick Radio with french subtitles: Marco Raaphorst.

No awards in Paris. Flick Radio ended up in the grand finale together with four other films.
The movie was shown in the MK2 complex.
It all looked very bright and clear on the big screen. A complete new experience.
The film the Class by Ilmar Raag won three prizes. Big surprise for everyone. Great film.

Did a lecture during the University of Images. (A serie of debates and workshops which were held at the same time the festival took place.) I talked about the way I work: taking benefits from all new possiblities, seeing the internet as a reality in which you can work and create etc. Personal approach, playing, searching during the proces.

The same evening Piet and I were invited for a so called directors dinner.
Zsuzsa Böszörményi was there. And Catherine Lamour, creative director of the filmfestival.
And a tall man in a dark suik, wearing modern glasses. He said he worked for the Scam, the French Buma Stemra. I said I worked for a Dutch Public Broadcastorganisation and that I publish my work under a Creative Commmons lisence. This disrupted our conversation completely. He made clear the dinner was organized by the Scam and that things like Creative Commons were not on the menu...

Last week, home again, I received a letter. Thanks for your contributions.
One sentence caught my special attention. It says: The lively interest generated by all the debates, show that the questions raised are in the centre of the problematics of every one: audiovisual proffesionals, journalists, students, historians, amators.

I would like change the word "problematics" into "possibilities" for that will open the door to a more creative approach.

During the second viewing on saterday Jean-Pierre Balpe, the Frenchman in Flick Radio, was in the audience, together with his wife. Afterwards we talked about the fiction group, his wonderfull series of views (made near his house) and how to handle six different pseudonimes on the web or ten weblogs at the same time.

To be continued...

Paris in 67 photos: here.

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