donderdag 1 maart 2007

Both of us will be played by actors.

Het script is vandaag opgestuurd naar het Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepprodukties.
Vierentwintig april volgt de uitslag.

Heb een goed gesprek gevoerd met Kendra.
Ze zag de foto met de voorkant van het script en reageerde meteen.

Hey that's me. :D

Yes, you are my main character.
The story goes as follows:
A dutch gay writer and an artistic american teenager meet on flickr.
They discuss their lives, tell little stories, and post pictures.
Then, man asks if she would like to be the main character in a new story he's writing.
The girl withdraws.
The writer stays behind with only pictures.
The end.

Cute story idea darlin. :] I figured.

I will do some translations and send it to you.

Sweet, I'm very grateful I can inspire you like you inspire me!
My electronic mail address is in my user info. I really miss writing.

Title of the script is Flick Radio.
An important Dutch Artfund is going to judge the project now.
I think they will be interested.
I hope so.
This is how it works in Holland.
When you want to make someting really good (high quality) you need support by fundings.
24 of april I get the results.
You are in the story.
So am I.
Both of us will be played by actors.
I did not translate any texts in the script.
So it will be English/Dutch produktion.
The program will be online as mp3, so you can listen to it aswell on your computer.
We all play ourselves.

Allright, that's nifty! :]

Nifty indeed.

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