zaterdag 18 augustus 2007

You will hear !

Finally I found a good actress to play your role.
Her name is Andel Sudik.
Here she is, on YouTube.
I made this film after the audition!
What do you think of her?
Friday Andel will be in the studio.
Hope you're alright.

Wow Bert, she is super!
Sorry for the delay within the email.
I've been super busy uploading and stuff.
Missed ya!!
I'm fine.

Thank you Kendra!
So glad to hear that.
She's on myspace.
Maybe you both can have contact with eachother!
Keep on uploading!
Missed ya too.
Character you.

I emailed her on myspace, saying YAY for being me.
But she never replied. Woo!

Shame on her ;)
She must have been confused or busy.
Yesterday we had the recordings and it went great!
Her voice is very outspoken, and sometimes a bit on the sharp side (pronounced).
You will hear...


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